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Eliminate the Sleep Difficulties With SleepOrora: Your Personalized AI-powered Remedy

When you finish the day tired, getting good sleep at night is key. But how do you know if your sleep is restful? Introducing SleepOrora - the innovative sleep tracker that goes beyond the ordinary, providing in-depth analysis and personalised solutions to enhance your sleep quality. With SleepOrora's contactless technology, this powerful device discreetly rests on your nightstand. The built-in sensors and AI algorithms carefully track multiple aspects of your sleep cycles, offering a complete overview of your sleep environment.

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Features of SleepOrora - Contactless Sleep Tracker

Precision Sensing

SleepOrora uses medical-grade sensors and advanced AI algorithms to precisely detect sleep stages, micro-arousals, and health indicators like sleep apnea. The integrated microphone not only monitors snoring patterns but also analyses your breathing without compromising your privacy with recordings.

Real-Time Tracking

Experience continuous monitoring of your bedroom's conditions, including carbon dioxide levels, temperature, humidity, light levels, occupancy, and motion, all achieved without physical contact. SleepOrora goes the extra mile by alerting you when CO2 readings surpass 2000 PPM, ensuring a fresh and healthy sleep environment.

Personalized Control

The user-friendly app empowers you to control SleepOrora from anywhere. Customise alarms and lighting programs based on your preferences and schedule to create a sleep-friendly atmosphere tailored just for you.

Adaptive Soundscapes

Choose from a curated selection of scientifically proven, sleep-inducing sounds and music. SleepOrora's adaptive volume ensures that disruptive noises are masked, creating a serene auditory environment for a peaceful sleep.

Automated Environment Optimization

SleepOrora takes charge of your bedroom conditions throughout the night, dynamically adjusting sound, light, and temperature based on your unique biometric sleep data.

Tailored Lighting Programs

Immerse yourself in personalised sunset and sunrise lighting effects designed to promote hormonal signals that enhance your natural sleep-wake cycles. Nighttime lighting is dimmed to guide your way without disrupting your tranquillity.

Discover your chronotype, track your sleep and create effective bedtime routines that draw from our rich audio collection, guided stories, and relaxation practices. Sweet dreams.

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Benefits of SleepOrora - Contactless Sleep Monitor Tool

Comprehensive Sleep Analysis

SleepOrora generates detailed weekly sleep reports, delving into sleep stages, disruptions, and environmental factors. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights to address specific issues hindering your quality rest.

Rapid Improvements

Witness tangible enhancements in your sleep quality in as little as 5 days with SleepOrora's optimization features. Experience a gradual but significant shift towards a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Family Sleep Profiles

SleepOrora caters to your entire family with personalised settings for each family member, allowing everyone to implement tailored sleep routines and enjoy the benefits of SleepOrora's expert sleep guidance.

Proactive Health Screening

Beyond sleep tracking, SleepOrora serves as a proactive health screening tool. By continuously monitoring respiratory signals, heart rate, movement, and environmental factors, SleepOrora identifies early signs of treatable health issues such as sleep apnea.

Peaceful Slumber

Immerse yourself in a truly peaceful slumber with SleepOrora's integrated features – sound masking, lighting schedules, and biometric tracking working harmoniously to create an optimised sleep environment.


Stay motivated on your journey towards restful sleep with SleepOrora's easy-to-understand sleep reports. These benchmarks celebrate your improvements and guide you towards sustained better sleep habits. Invest in your sleep, and let SleepOrora be your trusted companion on the path to a well-rested and healthier life.

FAQ About SleepOrora

  • How accurate is SleepOrora at tracking my sleep?

    SleepOrora utilises precise radar sensing and state-of-the-art AI algorithms to track your sleep stages, environment, and biometrics with over 90% accuracy when benchmarked against clinical sleep studies. This allows SleepOrora to accurately detect sleep phases, and micro-arousals and provide comprehensive sleep analysis.

  • Yes, SleepOrora tracks light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, and awake time using radar technology to sense movements and biometrics without contact. It detects sleep stage changes throughout the night.

  • SleepOrora tracks ambient sound/light, temperature, humidity, air quality, breathing patterns, heart rate variability, body movements, and sleep stages to identify environmental issues disrupting sleep and make personalised recommendations to resolve them.

  • Most users experience measurable sleep improvements within 5-7 nights of SleepOrora use. In 4 weeks, over 80% of customers report progress falling asleep quicker, sleeping more soundly through, the night, and waking feeling rejuvenated.

  • SleepOrora setup takes just minutes without wearables or cameras. Simply place the oval device on your nightstand, connect to power/WiFi, create user profiles in the app, and let SleepOrora work automatically using contactless radar technology to optimise your sleep.

  • Key sleep metrics tracked include sleep duration, consistency, phases, interruptions, time falling asleep, restfulness assessment based on heart rate variability and respiration, apnea/hypopnea index, and environmental interference.

  • Special youth profiles use gentle sounds/lighting and limit data visibility while still providing tailored recommendations to improve rest according to paediatric sleep needs from toddlers through teenagers.

  • Yes, SleepOrora has features specifically designed to improve breathing-related sleep issues. Its microphones can detect snoring patterns, and the microphone-free radar technology identifies apneic events to encourage better sleep positions and prompt medical evaluation if necessary.