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Connect with SleepOrora App
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Gets Your Sleep Data
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Smart Light

AI Wake Up Light

Before wake up, All light turn of itself. No set up!

Falling Preventetion Light

When you go to bathroom durin It turns off when come back to the bed, you dont need to find the switch in dark.

Indoor CO2 Light

When indoor CO2 is over 2000 ppm, The lights brinks for 30 seconds. At the same time, the data is shown through the app.

Sleep Including Light

When you go to bed, the including light is on red. After sleep, the light turns of itself.

Room Condition
Room Condition - SleepOrora
The data uploads every 1 min
Sleep Diagnosis & Reports

Discover your chronotype, track your sleep and create effective bedtime routines that draw from our rich audio collection, guided stories, and relaxation practices. Sweet dreams.

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  • How does SleepOrora track my sleep so accurately?

    SleepOrora uses precise radar sensing and advanced AI algorithms that have been validated against clinical sleep lab studies. This technology can detect sleep stages, micro-awakenings, and biometrics with over 90% accuracy, giving you comprehensive sleep analysis.

  • SleepOrora tracks light sleep, deep slow-wave sleep, REM sleep, and periods of wakefulness. Its radar sensors monitor body movements and biometrics to identify sleep stage changes throughout the night without any wearables or cameras required.

  • SleepOrora tracks lighting, ambient sounds, temperature, humidity, air quality, breathing patterns, heart rate variability, body movements, and sleep stages. It identifies issues disrupting your sleep and provides personalised recommendations to resolve them for better rest.

  • Most SleepOrora users experience measurable improvements in their sleep quality within 5-7 nights of use. Within 4 weeks, over 80% of customers report falling asleep faster, sleeping more soundly through the night, and waking feeling more refreshed.

  • SleepOrora is easy to set up within minutes. Simply place the oval device on your nightstand, connect it to power and WiFi, create user profiles in the app, and let SleepOrora work automatically using contactless radar to analyse and improve your sleep.

  • Key metrics include sleep duration, consistency, stages, interruptions, time to fall asleep, restfulness assessment using heart rate variability and breathing patterns, apnea/hypopnea index, and disruption from environmental factors.

  • Special youth profiles use gentle sounds/lighting with limited data visibility to improve rest for paediatric needs from toddlers through teens. It still provides age-appropriate recommendations tailored to each child.

  • Yes, SleepOrora has specialised features to improve sleep disordered breathing. Its microphones detect snoring patterns and its contactless radar identifies apneic events, then provides recommendations about sleep positioning or prompts medical evaluation if warranted.